Trying to Emulate Mom’s Budgeting Strategy

Family budgeting has once been – and probably still is in most households – one of the most important tasks undertaken by most of our mothers. Once upon a time Dad would bring home the paychacks and Mom would have to make them (monthly earnings) cover all household expenses. Aside from the traditional role imposed on mothers as the one who budgets the family finances, mothers have been blessed with instincts and foresights that other family members lack.

But how does Mom really stretch the budget? She neither uses complicated formulas nor magic tricks but simple ingenuity and common sense. Peek in through moms’ secrets in budgeting and learn a little about how she does it. You may even think it wise to emulate her since role modeling is a good way to encourage attitude; especially towards money.

1. She clearly knows where all the money goes. Usually it goes to child care apart from the housing, health insurance, food and clothing. It is unlikely that she will cut cost on her children.

2. She studies all options given to her in terms of child care. Before she decides, she examines all aspects like safety, health and education.

3. To understand more, she talks to local child-care specialists and works out schedules with her employer for bonding time with kids.

4. For working moms, it is a double the effort. They take care of the house and the children and at the same time work. She incorporates practical ways to accomplish both roles.

  • Wearing professional clothes instead of trendy ones.
  • Stays elegant but simple through a combination of basic colors.
  • Dry cleaning costs a hefty amount, so she dons wash-and-wear clothes.
  • Tone down on accessories.
  • She engages in a lot of do-it-yourself habits like in cleaning spots and ironing wrinkles in her personal wardrobes.

5. Moms always shop with a list in her hand to keep track of her budget and expenses. She makes sure she does not exceed. Also, she has no time for checking out tempting stuff at the shopping mall.